I am David Vega. Filmmaker and Graphic Designer. This site is a portfolio of my work. Welcome.


Category: Filmmaking / Editing

ACS Laboratory Corporate
  • 24 diciembre 2021

My work on this video was the re-editing of the video, as well as the colour correction and the creation of new lower thirds. They wanted…

  • 14 enero 2020

Fanbase is focused on creating new communities for fans around the artist they love. With Fanbase, fans are rewarded and recognised for…

Sol and The Tribu – Miami 3050
  • 11 enero 2020

I made this video arriving in Miami. We filmed it between Alfredo Buenaño and me at the Perez Art Museum in Downtown, Miami. It was a…

The Folk Tale of Baba Yaga (Teaser)
  • 6 septiembre 2019

The story of Baba Yaga, a witch depicted in Eastern European and Russian folktales, inspired the naming of the Baba Yaga Arts Wagon. And so…

Qva Libre, Buena Suerte (Music Video)
  • 2 junio 2019

Music video for the band Qva Libre, Havana, Cuba, 2010. This music video was nominated for Best Artistic Direction by music TV programme…

Nestle Virtuous Circle Prize 2017. Glenda León
  • 5 marzo 2018

A video documenting artist Glenda Leon’s project for the Nestle Virtuous Circle Prize 2017. To see the complete version, click HERE

Picadillo Band Live at Café Central
  • 3 junio 2017

Video of Picadillo concert in Café Central, Madrid. 2013 Recording of three tracks from one of the band Picadillo’s concerts in Café…

Rotación 206 Documental
  • 28 mayo 2017

Rotation 206 Synopsis: Do we all have the same right to choose where in the world we want to live? Nadia, Spanish contemporary dancer, had…

Picadillo Band Miami Tour
  • 6 mayo 2017

Promotional video for the band Picadillo’s second tour of Miami. We filmed on the outskirts of Madrid, the band were in high spirits…

Ctrl Z – Machina
  • 9 febrero 2017

This music video for the track Machina was a collaboration I created and realised with Adrian Replanski  in 2007 for myself and Youri…