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Project Name

The Folk Tale of Baba Yaga (Teaser)

Project Details

The story of Baba Yaga, a witch depicted in Eastern European and Russian folktales, inspired the naming of the Baba Yaga Arts Wagon. And so we celebrated this 2019 Halloween by honoring the tale at a Hialeah Block Party called «A Nightmare in Leah.»

Baba Yaga is a witch, an old crone, who lives in the middle of the forest, in a hut that stands on a pair of giant chicken legs. She doesn’t ride a broom, but a mortar and pestle, and she is know throughout the lands as someone who can either help or harm those who pass through her territory. She is likened to Mother Nature; sometimes nurturing, other times destructive. Those who cross Baba Yaga’s path
must pass the challenges she sets before them to be helped on their journey through the dark. If they do not succeed, their destiny is doomed.

People at this event, would happen upon Baba Yaga’s Hut, meet her mother Jadwiga outside, who is luring them in with candy, and at some point be invited in by Devstvennitsa (Baba’s sister), and once inside be faced with Baba Yaga. There they’d be kept until they passed the test.

The Folk Tale of Baba Yaga Cast & Crew:

Baba Yaga: Rio Chavarro
Devstvennitsa (Virgin Sister of Baba Yaga): Kevin Dixon
Jadwiga (Old Crone Mother of Baba Yaga): Laura Levene
Baba Yaga’s Pet Werewolf: Rey Rodriguez

Commissioned By: The City of Hialeah & The Leah Arts District
Written/Directed/Produced By: Shira Lee Abergel
Filmed/Edited By: David Vega davidvegadesign.com
Wagon Master: Sean Edelson
Sign Art/Merch/Tech Crew: Alexandria Eager
Costume & Artistic Guidance: Lauren Grondski
Make Up: Karla at Salon Mixx & Casa De Los Trucos
Lighting: Miami Stage & Lighting
Electric: World Electric
AC Services: Choice1Services

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