I am David Vega. Filmmaker and Graphic Designer. This site is a portfolio of my work. Welcome.


Category: Music

New Clocks for the Wasted Hours
  • 11 junio 2017

Sound design and original music composition for the short animation New Clocks for the Wasted Hours, directed by Adrian Replanski. The…

  • 29 mayo 2017

Decathexis (2008) is an experimental short film by Adrian Replansky. My participation in this project was the sound design and original…

Ctrl Z – Machina
  • 9 febrero 2017

This music video for the track Machina was a collaboration I created and realised with Adrian Replanski  in 2007 for myself and Youri…

Ctrl Z
  • 5 febrero 2017

Ctrl Z is an electronic musical project created by Youri Luis Mendoza and myself. We began in 2006 making music without the…