I am David Vega. Filmmaker and Graphic Designer. This site is a portfolio of my work. Welcome.


Category: Branding and Identity

Click 3DX Product launch
  • 25 marzo 2021

Models created in Threedee.io. Texturized with Substance and animated with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Description: CLICK 3Dx, Inc is a…

CdeCuba Art Collection Catalogue
  • 16 junio 2017

This flyer promotes the release of the catalogue for the collection of art used over the years in my co-project CdeCuba Art Magazine.…

CdeCuba Art Magazine
  • 6 junio 2017

Cuban Art Magazine dedicated to promoting reflection and current thinking about the visual arts within and outside the island. To see all…

  • 5 junio 2017

Typographic animation using part of a speech given by Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher. I made this animation…

Corporate Quality Awards
  • 4 junio 2017

Video identity for The Corporate Quality Awards presented by the organisation BID Group One. These ceremonies took place in Paris, Geneva…

Dj Haves
  • 3 mayo 2017

Brand identity and album cover for Dj Haves. The name Haves is a morph of Havana and España, the principal countries in which he…

Yoga es Más
  • 1 mayo 2017

Branding video animation for Yoga es Más, by Naylin Nuñez. A visual identity for their online yoga classes.  

  • 16 febrero 2017

Brand development and identity for IT software company Bitideas, the company previously based in Madrid has since moved to New York. The…

  • 16 febrero 2017

Brand development and identity for the application Fanvitrine. The concept for the logo is based on ‘likes’ and the heart shape…

El Garage Verde
  • 4 febrero 2017

Brand identity, logo design and UI design for the Spanish online store ElGarageVerde.es which specialises in renewable energies and energy…