I am David Vega. Filmmaker and Graphic Designer. This site is a portfolio of my work. Welcome.


Category: Motion Graphics

Petsmont Salmon Oil
  • 24 diciembre 2021

I created this animation for Petsmont Brand and their product Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. This animation was also made in different aspect…

ACS Laboratory Corporate
  • 24 diciembre 2021

My work on this video was the re-editing of the video, as well as the colour correction and the creation of new lower thirds. They wanted…

Click 3DX Product launch
  • 25 marzo 2021

Models created in Threedee.io. Texturized with Substance and animated with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Description: CLICK 3Dx, Inc is a…

  • 14 enero 2020

Fanbase is focused on creating new communities for fans around the artist they love. With Fanbase, fans are rewarded and recognised for…

Qva Libre, Buena Suerte (Music Video)
  • 2 junio 2019

Music video for the band Qva Libre, Havana, Cuba, 2010. This music video was nominated for Best Artistic Direction by music TV programme…

  • 5 junio 2017

Typographic animation using part of a speech given by Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher. I made this animation…

Corporate Quality Awards
  • 4 junio 2017

Video identity for The Corporate Quality Awards presented by the organisation BID Group One. These ceremonies took place in Paris, Geneva…

Picadillo Band Café Central 2013
  • 1 junio 2017

Promotional video for the week of concerts the band Picadillo gave at Café Central, Madrid in 2013.

Rotación 206 Documental
  • 28 mayo 2017

Rotation 206 Synopsis: Do we all have the same right to choose where in the world we want to live? Nadia, Spanish contemporary dancer, had…

Picadillo Band Miami Tour
  • 6 mayo 2017

Promotional video for the band Picadillo’s second tour of Miami. We filmed on the outskirts of Madrid, the band were in high spirits…