This site is a portfolio of my work from 2008 up until the present. I'm a Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and lastly UI/UX.

About me

David Vega
UI/UX | Filmmaking | Graphic Design

I’m David Vega (b. 1986). I do Graphic Design, coming from filmmaking through motion graphics, editing, illustration, printing and user interface. Lately I am entering the world of the user experience, which increasingly captures my attention. A bit of me…

My career began in La Havana, Cuba in 2005 and brought me to Madrid, Spain in 2011.  I have since completed a Master’s Degree in Motion Graphics and Audiovisual Production at CICE Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías, Madrid between 2013-2015 alongside working as an Audio Visual Producer and Brand Designer. I’m Visual Editor for my co-project CdeCuba Magazine.

Since I was little I loved to disassemble toys and reassemble them later. My parents, both engineers inscribed me in chess in my neighborhood. I always liked to be two or three steps forward. It’s the trick to winning a chess round. It’s kind of weird that I ended up as a designer, although I always liked to create an engineering or some sort of mechanism to develop a project. Maybe to make it easier. Working as a designer I met a friend, in fact an engineer, with whom I started to work togheter at developing applications and websites. My role has always been the visual, the interface, but as everything is connected lately I have begun to work on the user experience from the design. Really more focused on making each project more intuitive and visually easy.

Thanks for reading. 🙂